Pretty Things in My Living Room

Is anyone really ever done decorating? Not me!

Probably because I tend to look for things for my home that I love or find interesting. I’m going to share with you a couple of things in my living room that I love (with the exception of my camera collection) Keep reading to see more…

My coffee table arrangement is a piece i’m still working on and putting together. I love that it has so many elements such as glass, metal, wood, stone, paper, leaves and that all the elements in this arrangement work together and create a harmonious eclectic arrangement. (the items for this arrangement were almost all found at HomeGoods with the exception of the old book)

Our console table on the other side of the room is home to my ampersand. If you know me, you know I have a thing for typography, and the ampersand is one of my favorite symbols ( I even have one tattooed). When I found this gem at HomeGoods I had to get it. It isn’t huge or crazy looking, it doesn’t take up the whole space, it’s just perfect!

The wood & stone coaster set- isn’t it just pretty?! It was $5.99 at HomeGoods, and we always need coasters around my house!

Our D.I.Y industrial console table which I’m still not sold on for this particular space, but for now it works!


The Dining Table is Here!

EEK! after MONTHS of waiting to move my table from one house to another – it’s HERE!!

I’m thinking about stripping the stain and restraining the table as well as doing the same to the chairs, and of course, reupholstering!

I’ll get to that project hopefully sooner than later! but her is what it’s looking like as of now! (and yeah…the floor is still missing) what do you all think?

FYI- I HATE this tile- if i had the money to change it all i would in a heartbeat!

As always, Style it Pretty!


Guest Bedroom

Finally – after months I am getting to actually start the guest room revamp!

I started by painting the wall Sherwin Williams Slate Tile . It’s a beautiful deep Blue/Gray
color and makes most pieces I will be adding to the room really stand out!

Many of the decorative elements in this room are either thrifted, from an antique store , or  items I already had! There are two items I spent money on, one of them being the paint the other a curtain rod. (which I will show once the room is complete room tour!!)

Since our budget is almost nonexistent, I had to come up with an idea to make a queen size headboard that worked in the space without spendingANY money…so this is what I came up with:

A bamboo roman shade! we had used this in our kitchen as a temporary “blind” until we got the blinds we needed. The shade was originally 72 inches, I measured it out and cut it down to 62 inches. Then I rolled the top of the shade up to add a little bit of interest to the flat blind screwed it to the wall and now I’m working on taking off the hardware that was the pulley system then securing the bottom to the wall.

This project cost me $0

I know it looks weird right now, but I’ve got a vision for the space and it should work 🙂

come back soon and see the finished room 🙂 can’t wait to share!



Style it Pretty!

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Repurposing the Dresser

Does anyone remember this dresser? I used it as a TV console for a long time, now it’s made its way into the master bedroom!

I loved the dresser as a TV console, it was great and worked well for storage and to display pretty things on top, but once we moved it just wasn’t going to work as a TV console, it was far too big for the area I planned on putting it.

My husband was awesome and told me I could have the entire master closet (which I didn’t ask for at all) but some how all my clothes still needed more room. So taking the dresser into the master bedroom seemed to be the solution.

The Master bedroom is  a long rectangular room (12×16.5ff) so this piece had plenty of room on the other side of the room, the wall still needs some decor and once I decide what I want on the walls I’ll post an updated picture, but for now this is the dressers new home!

I’m pretty Happy with the way it’s looking so far! stay tuned for the lighing project i’m doing next in this room!


Dining Room Chair Makeover

Our Dining room chairs are getting a makeover! I’m so excited! I got the chairs from a co-worker whose husband was getting rid of some furniture when I saw them I knew I had to have them!

Now when I originally got the chairs they were stained a deep cherry red stain, there’s nothing wrong with that stain color but to go with my vision for the way I want my home to look I knew I would have to sand them all the way down and re stain them with Minwax Special Walnut Stain. It’s the PERFECT stain color! it’s not too light and not too dark, it doesn’t have too much yellow/orange/red undertones, like I said it’s perfect!

This is what the chairs looked like before:

See what I mean? a little dark.

All I did was remove the seat, and taped off the top part so that stain wouldn’t get on the fabric. I sanded it with coarse sand paper, removed all the old stain, wiped it clean and then re stained it.

I’m still trying to decide whether or not I want to change the upholstery, I actually kind of like it.The table itself will be undergoing a transformation too, that’ll be fun!


DIY House Numbers


Who gets excited about house numbers?! this girl!

you may be wondering why. the reason is simple– The prettier the better, and the fact that it’s inexpensive is the cherry on top!! like I’ve mentioned previously our house was built-in 1984, when we got here everything was pretty original to the house, little by little we’ve been making some changes and the house numbers, no matter how small they may be, are no exception.

The total cost of this project was $30 (The money was spent on new more modern looking house numbers & sealant) I already had the wood and the stain, so the project was really easy.

I’m still waiting for the sealant to dry, so I haven’t fully added the numbers onto the wood yet. but once i get the new house numbers up I’ll be sure to post all about it!

as always, style it pretty!


Trip to the Salvage Yard

Can you believe I have never been to an architectural salvage yard?! Neither can I! But I got to go to one called Orr Reed Wrecking Co. this past week, and let me tell you it was an awesome adventure!

I had been doing some digging into trying to find some old windows and reclaimed lumber, and this particular salvage yard seemed to have what I was looking for. When I pulled up to their store front I was greeted by the doors pictured above, awesomeness, right?!

I roamed the yard trying to stay focused on what I needed to get, but none-the-less getting distracted by all the amazing stuff there was around me! like these shutters.

I finally came across what I was looking for and ended up leaving with this pretty chippy window! I took out the glass panes and cleaned it up and now it’s waiting for a home in my home.

Once i get it up and styled I’ll post about it, needless to say – Trip to the salvage yard was a success!


The Never Ending Fireplace Makeover

My Fireplace, it’s my favorite thing in my new home and my least favoritething too… here’s why…

The Fireplace is 12 feet tall and I love it. It’s centered it proportional its everything a OCD person, like me, dreams of. Except I can’t seem to decide HOW I want to style it. I want it to look put together and awesome but I can’t seem to get it right. I’ve taken everything off the mantle and put everything back on, I’ve used different decor items and I’m still not loving it. the picture above shows the fireplace as it was last week, it no longer looks this way.

Let’s not forget this is what it looked like before…. so it’s come a pretty long way. I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve, hopefully one of them ends up working out!

as always, style it pretty!


The Kitchen Progress…

Oh renovation…why do you take forever?! But hey, the kitchen’s almost done!

(and we built our own custom kitchen island which I will talk about in a different post)

Yep, we are still missing some flooring, and we’re still building a wine cabinet and we’re still missing a cabinet- BUT the kitchen is functional and it’s almost done!

I did a lot of the work myself- and really it’s been a labor of love. I LOVErenovating and decorating and given our budget it was a challenge but I am so proud of how far this room has come…come on in and check out the progress.

We kept the backsplash we had, it was brand new and neutral and worked with the space…maybe one day I’ll get that marble I’m dreaming of… my husband and I built these shelves, we had a corner in the kitchen that needed to be filled with something and why not shelves? they are functional and really pretty!

I gel stained our 1980s brown cabinets with General Finishes gray gel stain. it was fast and easy and I love the way they look with the off white upper cabinets from IKEA! (this empty spot in the corner is where we will add the wine cabinet we are building, that’s why it’s unfinished)

Hoping to finish the kitchen soon-er than later, cross your fingers!

what do you think so far?

as always- style it pretty!


The #DesignMedleyChallenge

Well…I dove straight into the adventures of Instagram last month! I had NOidea what I was missing out on! Along with starting my Instagram page (@styleitpretty_home)  my friend Amy from Abigail Amira Design and I started a new Hashtag! (to be honest I had no real idea what a Hashtag was or meant until I joined the IG community)

We called it #thedesignmedley challenge! I love mixing old and new pieces along with different textures and materials and so does Amy, after brainstorming names we decided that this one would work- and the hashtag was born!

I must admit this Instagram Life is so fun and a bit addicting! but really, what other way to showcase ones own creativity to the world?! right?

Check out my Friend Amy’s blog here ! she’s amazing check out all her projects, she’s a girl who does it all!

In this post I added some images of what a “design Medley” means to me- hope you enjoy!

If you’re interested in following me along on IG and play along!

as always- style it pretty!