The UGLY old/new kitchen

Everyone who knows me knows I do not like to cook, so the kitchen for me is a space I just like to look pretty. My husband on the other hand loves to cook, BUTthis NEW kitchen in the house we are moving to was neither pretty nor (in a way)functional.

The wall color when we got here was TERRIBLE- it had to be changed immediately!

But even when the paint was changed, I hated the cabinets over the peninsula, and those were taken down too. I still wasn’t happy- something wasn’t right… (well several things, but they were al taken care of when we decided to take down the wall)

When we took the wall down, we decided to get rid of the fluorescent light and install recessed lighting. We also decided to take the upper cabinets down and will be putting up new white upper cabinets!

And this is where we are now- we still have a ways to go- but progress is good!

I will post updates as they come 🙂

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We’re Moving! (and the reno begins)

So the time has come for us to leave our cozy remodeled home and move on to the next place, and although it makes me sad to leave this home, the one My husband and I spent hours renovating, I am so excited to the next place our own!

The renovation began by tearing down a wallyes a wall… (there will be a post about that later) I want to focus this post on a project I tackled today, by myself: re doing the fire place by ‘whitewashing’ it.

The fireplace we now have is 12ft tall and dark brown and you can’t miss it

I am not so much a fan of the dark color. I love neutrals that make a space feel light & airy & homey… So this fire place color had to go.

I started by tearing off this old 1984 Mantle that was on there already. I felt like

  1.  it was too small for such a large space.
  2.  I hated the design of it. 

So I had my husband build me a New one- yay! (Now I must insert here that I have not finished the project, being 5’1 on a ladder still doesn’t make you tall enough to reach the very top of fireplace)

White washing is the process of mixing a 50/50 ratio o water and paint.and brushing it on the brick and dabbing it off.

Like I said- when I got closer to the top it got more difficult for me to reach the brick- this picture I took when I had just added the paint on the top half with out dabbing of the paint. and this is where I am at with this project- Hoping to finish it tomorrow!

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A Peaceful Space for my Best Friend

This Christmas I got to help give a pretty awesome gift to one of my favorite people in the world. And this is a short post about how it all came about.

My Best friend, Rachel, is an amazingly talented writer (check out her blog here) but aside from her inspirational writing, she’s also a hardworking mother and wife. With a 3 and a 1 year old it’s hard to get some time to just sit down and write, So her husband surprised her with two pretty awesome gifts this christmas– and so the adventure began.

First gift- A space for Rachel to study, and write without interruptions.

Second gift- A surprise visit from ME!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE decorating! It’s one of those talents I kinda always had. Helping my best friend get her own personal space all nice and pretty and cozy was amazing, for so many reasons. Rachel and I are a great team, you name it we always seem to know how to balance it out to get the job done! this was no exception! We were on a budget, so we went to Thrift Stores, Target, Marshall’s, HomeGoods, Ross to find items that were beautiful, yet affordable.

And to say the least, we pretty much brought this room to life!

Light colored slightly distressed wood, pink accents, flowy neutral colored curtains, Journals (Many many Journals) a big comfy recliner and the perfect lamp, make up this perfect space for an amazing person!



Rachel, I hope this space inspires you to write, and provides you a getaway to gather your thoughts and put them on paper- (or your Blog) so that others can be inspired too!

As always,

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Our Perfect D.I.Y Coffee Table

Has anyone else ever has an incredibly hard time finding the “perfect” coffee table? Because I sure did… I searched for months… online, craigslist, garage sales, Etsy, HomeGoods, Marshall’s, Hobby Lobby, you name it, I looked there(well sorta). I finally gave up and gave in to an Ashley’s dark brown rectangular coffee table with two drawers, and boy…was that thing HEAVY! I really tried to love it- but no matter how I styled it I just wasn’t a big fan of the shape, the color or the style of the coffee table.

So I went on Pinterest and looked for D.I.Y coffee table ideas and there were TONS of them. I stumbled across a coffee table I LOVED and had to have/make from the girls over at Shanty 2 Chic! it was Perfect, square, rustic looking but not to rustic. I loved it!

My husband and I downloaded the plans and headed over to Home Depot to purchase wood & stain. We had to special order the coffee table legs from Osborne Wood & definitely so worth it the legs make the whole table!


Simply Styled TV Console

When we first moved into our home (even before we finished remodeling it) I started thrift shopping for furniture pieces that would fit the very vague idea I had in my head of what I wanted it to look like.

I would go to the Salvation Army, which was 5 minutes away from my office, every week to see if they had any new pieces I could use in our new home. On one of those trips I found this BEAUTIFUL dresser! the color that it was originally wasn’t a terrible color, but I wanted something darker and matte for the living room so that it would be a focal point. I decided on a Matte gray/blue color so that it wasn’t visually too heavy, but still had that contrast i really wanted against the light gray walls.

A couple of months went by before we actually got this baby painted but once it was done…EEKK!!! I was so happy with it!! I love the clean lines and the length of the dresser/console (its 8ft long) AND it has 8 drawers for extra storage!

I wanted to display some of the vintage cameras I had collected over the years and putting them on top of the console was an absolute perfect spot!!

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Navy Blue Guest Room

This past Monday as I was sitting on my couch working on some picture editing a grand idea popped into my head “Paint the guest room NAVY blue”. I love the color blue- it’s one of my favorite colors, but NAVY blue? Dark blue? should I?would I? yeah I did…

It actually took me a couple hours to convince myself that this was a good idea, primarily because our house has soft light tones (grays and off whites). So I turned to Pinterest and searched “Navy Blue Rooms”. I cam across many rooms with so many variations of blue that I loved, But me being me I had to see the paint chips in person. So I headed off to Home Depot in search of My navy blue paint.

After about 30 minutes of deliberating what shade of blue I wanted I decided on Indigo Ink from Behr. Looking at the color online and looking at it on my walls it looks completely different, but I still Love it!

Many of the furniture pieces and decor in this room are mostly thrift store finds, D.I.Y’s or sale items from HomeGoods. The head board I bought 3 years ago from a lady on craigslist for $20. It’s a Pottery Barn full size head board that I repainted with off white chalk paint. The plates on the wall are from our local Salvation Army and are originally from Pier1. The large plates were .50 and the smaller ones were .25. The throw Blankets were on sale at HomeGoods at $12 a piece.

The vases here,  the flowers and the Mirror are all from HomeGoods. (Vases were on sale at $8 and $10, flowers were $12.99 and the mirror was $25) the Furniture piece was from AT HOME- and I loved it so much I purchased it at full price ($129 which is a lot in my book) The round side table was on sale at HomeGoods for $49, the 2nd side table my husband and I made from an old bar stool, a kitchen cabinet door, a 2×4 ,and a drawer pull from Hobby Lobby & some paint and stain. total cost for that one $15!

All in all I love the way the room came out, we will be adding a Faux baseboards to the room in the near future ( can’t wait for that!) What do you think? does the navy blue work?

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$10 Repurposed MCM Side Table (D.I.Y)

I often go to second-hand stores. You never know what hidden treasures you’ll find in one. On this trip my husband and I went to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. We were looking for old used doors one sunday when I stumbled upon one ugly mid-century Modern side table… Now let me say that this table was OLDand scratched up. But the lines this table had were very nice, and although the brass handles were pretty much brown, I was determined to clean them up and make this little table new again.

Here is the break down:

$7 for the table

$3 Black Spray Paint

$0 for vinegar & lime we already had. (to clean handles)

I wish I had taken before pictures of this piece, but I completely forgot!

Here is the completed piece! Doesn’t it LOOK AMAZING?!


Grid Mirror (D.I.Y)

What can I say about this Mirror? aside from it’s AMAZING!! It cost us $30 in material to make and a couple of man hours to build & It’s a great statement piece in our tiny dining room, plus it reflects the light from the wall of windows in our living room, which makes the room look bright & airy!

Along with our D.I.Y dining table, Orb Pendant light, and super inexpensive decor (which includes an AWESOME wall of clearance plates from HomeGoods) Our small dining room has come together beautifully with little money spent!

I will share our completed dining room in a new post in the near future. If you’re interested in building a mirror like the one we made click here to find the plans for this build on Ana White’s website.

As always, Style it Pretty!