Pretty Things in My Living Room

Is anyone really ever done decorating? Not me!

Probably because I tend to look for things for my home that I love or find interesting. I’m going to share with you a couple of things in my living room that I love (with the exception of my camera collection) Keep reading to see more…

My coffee table arrangement is a piece i’m still working on and putting together. I love that it has so many elements such as glass, metal, wood, stone, paper, leaves and that all the elements in this arrangement work together and create a harmonious eclectic arrangement. (the items for this arrangement were almost all found at HomeGoods with the exception of the old book)

Our console table on the other side of the room is home to my ampersand. If you know me, you know I have a thing for typography, and the ampersand is one of my favorite symbols ( I even have one tattooed). When I found this gem at HomeGoods I had to get it. It isn’t huge or crazy looking, it doesn’t take up the whole space, it’s just perfect!

The wood & stone coaster set- isn’t it just pretty?! It was $5.99 at HomeGoods, and we always need coasters around my house!

Our D.I.Y industrial console table which I’m still not sold on for this particular space, but for now it works!

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