The Kitchen Progress…

Oh renovation…why do you take forever?! But hey, the kitchen’s almost done!

(and we built our own custom kitchen island which I will talk about in a different post)

Yep, we are still missing some flooring, and we’re still building a wine cabinet and we’re still missing a cabinet- BUT the kitchen is functional and it’s almost done!

I did a lot of the work myself- and really it’s been a labor of love. I LOVErenovating and decorating and given our budget it was a challenge but I am so proud of how far this room has come…come on in and check out the progress.

We kept the backsplash we had, it was brand new and neutral and worked with the space…maybe one day I’ll get that marble I’m dreaming of… my husband and I built these shelves, we had a corner in the kitchen that needed to be filled with something and why not shelves? they are functional and really pretty!

I gel stained our 1980s brown cabinets with General Finishes gray gel stain. it was fast and easy and I love the way they look with the off white upper cabinets from IKEA! (this empty spot in the corner is where we will add the wine cabinet we are building, that’s why it’s unfinished)

Hoping to finish the kitchen soon-er than later, cross your fingers!

what do you think so far?

as always- style it pretty!

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